Deer Repellent Capsules

Deer Ban™

Deer Ban uses predator urine in a completely encapsulated form so that your hands never need to make contact with the product.

An Innovative and effective method for protecting your gardens and ornamental shrubs for up to three months from Deer, Rabbits, Turkey, and Armadillo!  Just drop one capsule about every 10-20 feet, and when water starts to dissolve the capsule it activates the biodegradable polymer containing canine urine. DeerBan™ is registered with the USEPA.

DeerBan™ — Groundbreaking Deer Repellent Technology!

Other repellents contain rotten eggs, garlic, or similar foul smelling substances. If you have ever applied these products you are well aware that they are likely to repel you and your family more than wildlife.  DeerBan™ is odorless to humans, but animals, with their extreme sense of smell are easily affected.

  • Unique Gel-tablet Application provides effective Year-Round Protection from Wildlife Damage!
  • Contains Predator Urine triggering animal flight response
  • No Hand Contact with repellent ingredients
  • Natural & Bio-degradable
  • Water Activated, does not wash away in rain or snow
  • Up to 90 Days Protection
  • Odorless to Humans
  • Easy application, drop capsules around coverage area or place in planters. Add water to activate repellent.
  • Perfect around gardens and ornamentals
  • USEPA registered
Deerban 50 with capsules