Preparing For Winter With Pest Control

As the warm weather said it’s goodbye, you might think you don’t have to worry about pests anymore. But think, pests, just like humans, will want to retreat to warmer climates during colder months. Your warm, cozy house is a perfect option.

Although some pests will be gone through the winter you might have to worry about deer, rodents, ants, spiders, and more. Some other things to keep in mind are to be aware of dormant eggs or nests. They might not be a problem now, but could cause damage in the future.

Summit is happy to offer some great, year-round products to help during the winter months. Our Year-Round® Spray Oil, is a perfect, versatile option that doesn’t use any synthetic toxins. It protects garden plants, fruit trees and ornamentals in and around the home up to the day of harvest. This odorless, non-irritating formula will help with spiders, mites, and many other common plant pests. You can even use this on the eggs.

Another option we have for out outdoor deer pests is out odorless Summit Deer Ban. With easy application, all you have to do is drop the capsules around coverage area or place in planters. Then add water to activate repellent.

If you have a pest concern that we didn’t address here, take a look through our products. Summit is here to help with all of your pest needs!