Summit® Super Permacide® II

is a ready to use oil base residual insecticide providing both immediate and long-term control of a variety of insects.

One of Summit's oldest and best selling formulations.  Our Super Permacide II is an oil based, residual, ready to use product, and the go to for roach problems.  It contains two active ingredients that go to quick work on roach infestations.  Resistance to one can be overcome by the second ingredient and the residual film is readily contacted through the presence of a thick oily film that provides synergy with the active ingredients.

  • Ideal for roach control
  • Ready-to-use formulation containing base oil, 0.10 % Tetramethrin, 0.25% Permethrin, and a high quality PBO synergist
  • Provides excellent residual control of carbamate resistant cockroaches for up to four weeks
  • Often applied as a crack and crevice treatment for roach control
  • Broad sprays will repel and kill flying insects and occasional crawling invaders, such as ants, centipedes and millipedes, crickets, and spiders
  • Approved for both residential and commercial use
Not for sale in California. Restricted use in New York.

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Summit® Super Permacide® II is targeted to control: Cockroaches, Pantry pests, ants, most crawling insects, spiders, scorpions.