Water, Water, Everywhere!

Mosquito Bits® are extremely versatile for controlling Mosquito larvae and Fungus Gnats!

During this rainy season coming up, there will be a plentiful supply of water. We recommend sprinkling Bits™ over low lying areas that hold water for over a week. Use them in drainage ditches, water-filled tracks and anywhere else that holds water for a week or more. Here are some useful applications:
Some of our customers have recommended using Bits® in old tires, water-filled low lying areas, flower pot saucers (that have standing water for long periods), and many have talked about the benefits of using them with planters for house plants for controlling Fungus Gnats.

For Fungus Gnat Control: You can also mix Bits® in water at a rate of 4 tablespoons per gallon of water. Wait 5 minutes then apply treated water directly to the soil or growing media surface. Discard or compost granules when finished. This treatment controls fungus gnat larvae for up to 3 weeks. Repeat treatment if insects reappear.

Let us know how you’ve used Mosquito Bits®!