Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Pests

The traditional leave no trace principles keep outdoor trails clean by teaching hikers to make it seem like no one was even there by cleaning up after themselves. You can use some of these principles in and around your very home!

Kitchen cleanup. The kitchen is one spot in the home to focus on in order to prevent pests. Be sure to clean up after your meals and don’t let your dishes sit out for too long. Also, store food tightly away and wipe down the counters because even crumbs can be food for pests. Food isn’t the only thing to worry about. Liquids are a whole other story, so be sure to clean to your spills. Pests love water and some even breed in water.

Keep the home tidy. By eliminating piles of things, or trash, you can help to eliminate a cozy habitat for pests.

Regular house checks.  If you start making this part of your regular schedule, you can catch any sign of pest infestation quickly to prevent future damage. You can also detect any cracks in your foundation, door frames, or screens, to stop the pests before they can even get inside! Keep in mind the size of pests when checking for holes. They can fit in smaller holes than you can imagine. When performing your house checks, make sure to check any area that can easily gather standing water, too!