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Summit® has been involved in Public Health and Vector Disease Control for decades.


Summit® has been involved in Public Health and Vector Disease Control for decades.

Public Health is at the forefront of our daily lives more today than ever before. Recent events have unfortunately brought issues surrounding our collective health into focus in ways we never imagined.

Mosquito & Vector Disease Control are public health undertakings that the vast majority of citizens of the “Western World” are unaware of, but are at the foundations of the wellness of society and its ability to function economically and socially.  In parts of the world where Vector Borne diseases such as malaria or dengue fever are commonplace economic prosperity and societal advancement are made more difficult by the constant presence of illness.  In the United States mosquito control has allowed the conditions suitable for the typical lifestyles we take for granted.  We once had malaria and yellow fever in the United States and it wasn’t until the allied victories in World War II and the Cold War that we controlled malaria in Southern Europe.  Utilizing modern, science based approaches to reducing the mosquito induced burdens to society are a worthy use of public health resources.

Summit® has supported Public Mosquito & Vector Disease control for nearly 50 years.  Our bestselling Mosquito Dunks® and Mosquito Bits® were engineered as professional mosquito abatement products.  It was through our relationships with mosquito control programs that the demand for consumer larval control products was realized, and the Mosquito Dunks® and Mosquito Bits® were created.  Summit’s President Jonathan Cohen can be credited with the retail lines creation and success, allowing the creation of more lines and products sold to consumers in the Lawn & Garden Industry.   We continue to believe that our relationships with the professionals who protect our collective health is vital to the future of Summit and community health.

In the past decade Summit has invested significant resources in Public Health through efforts to provide the technical grade active ingredient used in the Dunks® and Bits®, Bti in a new to the market strain SUM-6218.

We began formulating the professional use product Summit Bti Granules two years ago to compliment the professional Dunk® label, Summit® Bti Briquets.

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Public Health Outreach

The Mosquito Dunks® share a registration number with Summit® B.t.i. Briquets and are the same formulation.  They have become a favorite of Vector Disease Control and Public Health Departments both locally and nationally as the recommended product to hand out to communities in large scale efforts aimed at reducing back yard mosquito breeding.  Due to their efficacy and safety, public health departments and elected officials need not fear any issues stemming from the Mosquito Dunk’s use.

Summit® B.t.i. Granules

Summit® designed, registered and manufactures our Bti corn cob granules for professional application in in our Baltimore, MD facility.  Utilizing the highest quality ingredients available and Summit’s SUM-6218 Strain of Bti, we provide 40 pound bags and 1000 pound super sacks on demand.  Efficacy studies have been positive and the product provides rapid control at industry standard rates exceeding 90%.  Summit® Bti Granules contain 2.86% Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis and are available in two mesh sizes 5-8 and 10-14 to fit your programs specific needs.

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BTI Granules

Summit® B.t.i. Briquets

The Summit® B.t.i. Briquets preceded the Dunks and were the first sustained release Bti formulation widely available to Vector Disease Programs for larvicide application.  Utilizing all-natural, bio-degradable, and sustainable ingredients, their use ensures reductions in larval density without posing ecological risks through their application.  Each Briquet treats 100 square feet of surface water for thirty days.  In addition to mosquitoes, Summit® B.t.i. Briquets can be applied to control semi-aquatic and aquatic fly larvae susceptible to Bti in waste water treatment facilities, livestock waste, and various other larval habitats.

Available in cases of 5 blister cards of 20 Briquets (100 Briquets/case)
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