Preventative Pest Control

When it comes to pest control, it’s better avoid the attitude “it won’t happen to me”, since a pest situation can get very serious, very fast. Preventative Pest Control is what we are after, so we can prevent a potentially damaging, expensive situation.

You might think, why would I need to spend money if I don’t already have a pest problem? That is a fair question, but the answer is two-fold. First, you could be spending a little bit of money up front to save you potentially A LOT of money in the future. Second, you can take preventative measures that don’t cost a cent!

Other benefits include:

  • Avoids any exposure to potentially dangerous pests that could either hurt you, damage your home, or carry diseases.
  • Makes your home energy efficient by sealing up any holes, gaps, etc.
  • Avoid hefty pest control costs
  • Keeps your garden and plants healthy

So now it’s your turn to take the wheel. Below are some ways to prevent pest control problems. The main idea is to keep your home as clutter and mess-free as you can!


  • Seal up holes or crack in the exterior of your home, or on any windows and door frames. If pests don’t have a way to enter the home, then you are already off to a great start when it comes to pest control.
  • Store firewood and trashcans away from your home. These are two places where pests love to nest. Keeping it in a controlled environment, away from your home could avoid the ease of them just walking right in to the home.
  • Keep your yard properly maintained. This includes the lawn and any bodies of water around you. For standing water, you can use Summit’s Mosquito Dunks to kill off mosquito larvae. It is non toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans. For your yard or garden, you can use Summit® Deer Ban™ to protect from any wildlife damage.


  • Clean up after meals. This includes putting away leftovers, wiping counters, cleaning up any spills, and doing the dishes.
  • Protect your houseplants with Summit® Year-Round® Spray Oils. This protects against Aphids, Spider Mites, Fungus Gnats, Scale, White Fly and many other common plant pests.
  • Fix any leaking areas in your home. Wet areas are bound to attract pests. Take note of any areas that are moist.
  • Get rid of any extra clutter – stack of paper, pile of clothes, etc.

Don’t know where to begin? Summit has products for all sorts of pests. Check out our sitefor more products.