Sod Webworms Wreak Havoc on Lawns

Sod webworms wreak havoc on lawns

Those yellow and brown patches of grass are sod webworms taking over the yards of some unfortunate homeowners. The larvae of sod webworms feed on the sod and can devastate a lawn in short order.

Summit Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control contains BTK (Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki) which successfully kills webworms and caterpillars without impacting other species or the environment.

Summit® Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control is Mother Nature’s way of controlling sod webworms and other caterpillars. It is available in a one-pint concentrate bottle, a one-quart concentrate bottle and a ready-to-spray one-quart hose-end bottle. Summit® Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control is available at garden centers, hardware stores and here on this website.