Sticky Traps

Summit Introduces Sticky Traps for Houseplants

One of the most common insect pests in houseplants is fungus gnats. These tiny flying insects can swarm around the plant when the pot is moved. Fungus gnats thrive in moist potting soil, where they lay their eggs for the next generation of gnats.

To kill adult fungus gnats or other insect pests, simply use one or more Summit Sticky Traps. Determine where the Sticky Traps will hang on the plant or be positioned in the soil. Attach a twist tie (included in the package) through the Sticky Trap hole at the top. Then peel away the protective paper on both sides and hang the trap on the plant.

Summit® Sticky Traps for Houseplants attract gnats, whiteflies, aphids and other harmful insects hiding in the potting soil of houseplants. These sticky traps are effective and simple to use, and they kill insect pests without the use of pesticides which can harm people and pets.

“The yellow color of the sticky traps attracts insects,” said Bill Stengel, Vice President—Sales for Summit Responsible Solutions.