The Key To A Pest-Free Home

Home owners shudder when they think about the tricky task of pest control. There can be a lot to think about with pest control. What products work the best? Which products are safe for my children and pets? What can I do to prevent pests before they make your home, their home too?

We are here to offer you the tips and products you will need to live pest-free and avoid damaging invasions. After you get used to a little preventative pest-control, you will see that living with pest doesn’t have to be the norm, or pricey!

Be prepared with the best products. Summit Chemical Company offers safe and effective products that can be used easily. One of the most popular choices for this time of year is the  Year-Round® Ready-to-Use Trigger Sprayer Bottle for House Plants.

Perform regular house checks. If you eliminate the entryway for pests, then it’s harder for them to get in and get cozy in your home. Make sure to seal up even the tiniest openings and eliminate any excess water. Some areas we recommend checking, are:

  • Check your door frames for any holes or cracks,
  • Check your screens for rips
  • Check for cracks in your foundation
  • Fix leaking pipes
  • Check roof drains for excess water buildup

Keep the yard and home clean. Keep the home tidy, to avoid actually feeding your pests with crumbs, dirty dishes, or trash. Same thing goes for the outside of your home, too. Make sure to seal up the trash and recycling. It’s also important to store firewood away from the house, because wood piles can provide shelter for unwanted pests. That is also a great reason to keep your bushes and trees trimmed.