Don’t let insect pests hitchhike indoors

Many homeowners bring potted plants indoors before freezing temperatures arrive. Growing tender perennials and tropical plants in pots enables them to be enjoyed outdoors during the summer and inside throughout winter’s colder months. But sometimes potted plants bring with them unwanted hitchhikers—insect pests that can thrive in the warms confines of sunrooms and sunny windowsills.

Summit News – Spring/Summer 2014

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New tropical virus invades USA

Chikungunya, the mosquito-borne virus that continues to spread throughout the Caribbean, has now arrived in the USA. Florida health officials have confirmed the first locally acquired cases of the painful disease. This means mosquitoes on the U.S. mainland have become infected with the disease and are now spreading it to people that they bite.

Summit News – Mosquito Season 2014

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